During this edition, and due to the uncertainty of possible security measures and capacity restrictions applicable due to the pandemic, it has initially been considered to publish a limited number of tickets - less than the usual capacity - based on tranches, and expandable according to the evolution of the cases.

That is why people who obtain their tickets in advance will have their attendance assured, compared to people who postpone their purchase. The order of purchase will also mark the prevalence in case of possible measures in force and capacity restrictions applicable in the Basque Autonomous Community, according to the authorities.

EuskalHack is not responsible for any possible extraordinary circumstances that may arise, although the association may refund the amount of the tickets claimed that could be cancelled due to possible capacity restrictions (according to the conditions of sale).


Unfortunately, given the circumstances, we cannot guarantee that (as of the date of the congress) the brotherhood lunch that has been held at the Olarain site will be viable. Therefore, the lunch provided by the organisers is cancelled for this edition.

In any case, Olarain has vending machines and the organisers will publish a map with restaurants near the site. Likewise, attendees will have adequate time to be able to eat and return to the congress.

In this edition, we would like the coffee-break to become an essential meeting and networking point, always in compliance with the appropriate security measures. We ask and we will ensure that they are scrupulously respected by the attendees.


As usual, the event will host a number of technical workshops and a hackathon during the conference days. However, the capacity of these workshops and hackathons may be limited depending on the pandemic situation at the time. Therefore, if there is a capacity limitation, priority will be given to these initiatives on a first-come, first-served basis.


The organisation reserves the right to take the necessary hygienic-sanitary preventive measures (interpersonal distancing, temperature control, hydroalcoholic solutions, periodic disinfection of objects, adaptation of the ventilation system, etc.) to ensure the health of its attendees.

We regret the inconvenience that all these considerations may cause, and we hope to be able to meet again under the best possible circumstances.