Michele Orrù

Michele is a security consultant with over ten years of experience in penetration testing, source code auditing and development. During the last five years his focus has been on phishing and client-side exploitation:
- Co-author of **The Browser Hacker's Handbook** and the **X41 Browser Security Whitepaper**
- Ex-core developer of the **Browser Exploitation Framework Project(BeEF)** and **PhishLulz**
- Co-organizer of WarCon, a private offensive-security conference in Poland
- Speaker at KiwiCon, RuxCon, OffensiveCon, ZeroNights, OWASP, BlackHat Arsenal, HackPra AllStars and other security conferences about browser security and phishing.

Giuseppe Trotta

Giuseppe is a security consultant with experience in penetration testing, red teaming and source code auditing and development. During the last years his focus has been on phishing and red teaming infrastructure automation. He is also:
- Team member of the epic **Bettercap** project
- Co-author of the **Juicy Potato** LPE tool
- Developer of the **hack.me** portal
- Author and instructor of training related to web application pentesting and secure coding
- Speaker at security conferences about random stories

Carlos Hernandez

Programador desde una perspectiva creativa. Hago ingeniería inversa por hobby. Me gusta estudiar cómo funcionan las máquinas virtuales de JavaScript.

Julie Gommes

Before to be cybersecurity advisor, Julie Gommes spent several years as an (H)ac(k)tvist on privacy topic. She is ISO/IEC 27001 LA and LI certified and works on audit, risk analysis, pentests and CISO advisory. For several years she has been studying cryptography and privacy issues. Julie is also the author of a book entitled /Il était une fois les révolutions/ (Ed. La Mouette, 2012) that examines the revolutions in several of Middle East countries and how hackers helped people during this moments. Julie Gommes participated as a researcher to a guidebook about technological sovereignty, she wrote about privacy. You can find the spanish version here.